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Zeb's ParaNORMAL Life


14-year-old Zeb hates that he can talk to spirits. He attends Eusapia Palladino Academy, a high school in rural Pennsylvania devoted to helping students develop their medium abilities. Zeb is different from the other students in that he doesn’t just see ghosts, but he can touch them, too!

Zeb ends up befriending, Karen, a spunky girl with a stubborn attitude. Karen helps Zeb start to see his abilities as being a gift.

However, their friendship takes a turn for the worse when Zeb discovers that Karen may actually be dead. In order to find out the truth about Karen’s past, Zeb will need to use all his psychic abilities that he’s been too scared to try.

Middle Grade: 10-13 years old

Genre: Paranormal/Mystery


It’s finally time for the harvest moon to arrive, and for ten-year-old Zetta Baroni, a family curse from an Italian witch will take place, transforming her into a cat for the night. She couldn’t be more excited – her parents, however, demand she stay indoors. When curiosity gets the best of her, Zetta sneaks out of the house and enters the world in a new perspective. But when she hears rumors about a witch in her neighborhood, she is forced to uncover the truth about her family curse. Can she stop it once and for all?

Juvenile Fiction: 7-10 years old

Genre: Fantasy/Magic/Humor